Youth Safety

Delivering a safe, healthy experience for all rowers is our priority. We require all rowers, parents, and guardians to read and follow the safety guidelines that are outlined by Cape Cod Community Rowing, Inc, according to the requirements of USRowing.

Additionally, we adhere to the new-for-2022 guidelines provided by the US Center for SafeSport.

Both guides are available for download below, along with a concise “need to know” document for safety guidelines and procedures. We welcome any questions and encourage you to contact your coach for further instruction.

For convenience, the "need to know" document is also published here on the site below the download buttons.


It’s our goal to ensure sound rowing procedures for all.  The following is a quick “checklist” of guidelines and procedures critical for daily operations, to eliminate incidents and best respond to any emergencies that arise.  This is not a substitute for reviewing the inclusive Safety Guide, but, instead, a convenient overview to help rowers stay safe. All rowers and coaches are expected to know what to do in the event of an emergency. If you have questions, please ask your coach or any of the CIRA board directors. We have created a safety committee that will help respond to any needs or situations in question.


  • Phones always ON at highest audio setting and VIBRATE
  • If emergency CALL 911
  • Every boat must have a cell phone to communicate with coaches and/or launch.
  • If non-life-threatening: communicate with other coaches on the water.
  • For capsized boats: Rowers on launch first. PFDs on. Tie/anchor line to a boat that’s  been evacuated.
  • Launch and PFDs must be used if air temp is less than 40 degrees, or water less than 50 degrees
  • Paddles, PFDs, emergency blankets (in cold weather), first aid kits, and anchor or line must be in launches at all times
  • Severe lightning/storm (no time to get to beach/dock): Get out of launch and get underneath if safe to do so


  • No single rowers permitted at any time.  We must observe the Buddy System: a minimum of TWO people to be out at once to look out for one another.
  • You must have been pre-approved to go out without a launch (i.e., proved you are an experienced rower for specific boats and have confirmed you are a competent,         comfortable swimmer).
  • PFDs must be used in cold weather (as noted above)
  • Please wear bright fluorescent apparel for visibility
  • Each boat must have one cell phone with member/launch numbers in contact list
  • You MUST sign in and out of the logbook EVERYTIME you go out for a row.  We want to be sure we know who is out on the water at all times, in case we have to find you!
  • Always observe the traffic pattern, posted in the trailer:
    • Counter-clockwise around perimeter on Long Pond
    • Avoiding rowing down the middle or across the Pond, whenever possible (except to row to other side)
  • If you are a spare in a launch, your responsibility is to keep an eye out in front for potential debris/danger
  • If weather becomes stormy:  if lightning, row to shore, pull outside oars in, beach boat and seek shelter.  Weather patterns can change quickly: please be aware of conditions.
  • No rowers are permitted to row in dark (early mornings or evenings)
  • Report ALL issues regarding equipment/boat maintenance to coaches.
  • Please leave the beach as we’ve found it! Be sure all equipment, personal belongings and debris have been stored and disposed of in a manner that is appropriate.