Youth Program Overview

Calling all youth rowers. Join Our Summer Programs!

Summer is here! Programs are available to register on Regatta Central.

The CCCR team comprises middle school and high school rowers. Cape Cod Community Rowing offers a variety of programs from spring for beginner and experienced youth. We welcome all to come and join the team and a sport where no one sits on a bench!

A note to parents: based at Long Pond in Harwich, we aim to maintain the lowest possible fees and get more youth out on the water. Rowing is a capital-intensive sport requiring expensive equipment and a time commitment. For a rowing program to be successful, it must be supported by an active group of parents and a generous community of supporters.

A sampling of the volunteer opportunities includes:

  • Coordinating/preparing food for regattas
  • Communications between parents
  • Communications with coaches
  • Transportation to regattas
  • Taking pictures
  • Support of fundraising

If you have a question or want more volunteer information, please email us at