Cape Cod Masters Rowing

Any Boat. Any Seat. Any Age. We offer a wide array of coached learning opportunities and the use of club shells.  Our rowers progress at their own pace, while enjoying the camaraderie of a supportive community.


CCMR memberships are tailored to meet various needs. Select your membership level, fill out the membership forms (see "Registration" below), and sign up at Regatta Central 

  • Individual Annual*: $400 – January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.
  • Individual Seasonal*: $300 – comprised of 90 consecutive days
  • Individual Associate: $200 – car tops own boat (rack space not an option), access to the TeamSnap app, camps, clinics, and private coaching
  • Family: discounted individual membership fee for each additional family member (same residence) 18+ years old: $240 annual, $180 seasonal
  • Rack Space:  because of limited availability, rack space is a benefit made available to individual annual and seasonal members only. $50 per space, on first come first serve basis

*Learn To Row (LTR) participants who register for a CCMR annual or seasonal individual membership will receive a $50.00 discount toward their membership fee!



Learn and gain confidence!

A series of rowing clinics and camps allow LTR participants and CCMR members to safely progress from rowing more stable single recreational (rec) shells to a variety of racing shells. Novices in both rec and racing shells row along the pond’s Shore Path until their confidence and skills permit them All Pond access. Certified coaches will rate CCMR members for boat level and pond rowing path.

We invite you to browse and choose from the offerings described below: 

masters group